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A New Spin on the Tire Swing

The Super Spinner is a safe tire swing alternative that kids and parents both love. Its easy to setup, and safe to use, on either swing sets or trees. Whether your child prefers to swing or spin on the playground, you'll love the Super Spinner!

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The Super Spinner is available in six colors

Discover the Best Playground Toy Since the Original Swing Set

Looking for a colorful new spin on the traditional outdoor kids’ swing? The Super Spinner is an exciting, safe tire swing alternative that kids and parents are raving about. With its unique ability to swing AND spin, the Super Spinner swing features a multi-axis point and round swing seat, providing a whole new experience for the swing set. The Super Spinner swing is easy to set up, and safe to use on your backyard play set or in a tree. Whether your child prefers to swing or spin on the playground, you'll love the Super Spinner swing.

A New Spin on the Tire Swing
Bring the adventure and joy of the playground home with you in the form of the latest and greatest outdoor kids’ swing, the Super Spinner. For many kids, some of the best memories happen on the playground. Why not bring the excitement home with you? Whether it’s jungle gyms, slides, swings sets or tire swings, playgrounds offer a great way for kids to be active outside. Give them the ability to burn off excess energy safely and right at home with the Super Spinner swing.

Discover the Best Outdoor Toy Since the Original Kids’ Swing
No need for multiple outdoor swing set accessories when you’ve got the Super Spinner swing. Easy installation makes it a dream outdoor kids’ swing for parents and grandparents. Hang it in place of a swing on your swing set or from a single hanging point like a tree --the choice is yours. The Super Spinner swing can safely hang from both. Made from extremely durable materials, the Super Spinner swing is easy to maintain and clean, so you’re looking at years of swinging and spinning fun.

Safety in Every Swing and Spin
There is no doubt we all want our kids to stay safe outdoors. As parents ourselves, we at Super Spinner understand the importance of safety. The average playground can present endless opportunities for bumps and bruises, and with so many swing set accessories on the market, we know how difficult it can be to decide which one is best. An easy grip rope with the ability to hold up to 200 lbs. makes our spin on the outdoor kids’ swing both durable and safe for kids big and small.

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Bring the fun of the playground home today and get the kids the outdoor kids swing they’re sure to love. Buy the Super Spinner swing through our online store today.

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Twist and Spin like a Tire Swing! Super Safe! They Will Go Outside Again and Again!

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What Our Customers Think

  • I can't tell you how many hours of fun is being had with this swing! I have had a lot of the neighborhood kids over (they are all being mannered and taking turns--yay)--it's a huge hit! Thanks so much!

    Sheila W.

  • I bought this as a birthday gift for my two-year-old grandson. It was easy to hang and the kids loved it. It was stable enough for the little ones and the spinning made it exciting enough for the older kids. They were lining up for turns at the birthday party. It is very well-made and super sturdy. I would buy it again!


  • My 3 yo and 4.5 yo granddaughters just visited, and I could not get them away from the super spinner. Both fit on it at the same time, and they had the best time, with lots of laughter and delight.

    Ani L.

  • This swing is amazing! Our 2 year old son loves it. He is not a fan of other swings, but he immediately jumps on this one and swings and spins. The adjustable hanging options are great and it is very well made. Durable, strong and stable. Can't say enough about this swing!

    Sarah B.

  • My kids (7 and 4) LOVE this swing. They have spent hours on it since its arrival 3 days ago. A well-made, super-fun product!!!

    Brooke H.

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