The Ultimate List of Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Apr 21, 2016

Some of the best childhood memories are made in the summer. The kids are thrilled to be out of school, but boredom can set in quickly if you don’t plan ahead. While you don’t want to set a strict schedule – summer is all about freedom after all – you do want to have some activities in mind for those times when the kids are bouncing off the walls. Here are some fun summer activities for kids that are affordable and suitable for a wide range of ages.

Enjoy Playground Equipment

There are so many reasons why playground equipment is beneficial for child development. The most obvious is the exercise, but there is much more to it. Climbing, balancing, running, swinging, digging, and other playground activities help your child to learn and improve important sensory and motor skills. Playgrounds also encourage children to interact socially, which helps to teach essential lessons like taking turns, patience, self-control, and conversational skills.

Knowing what we know about how beneficial playgrounds are, many parents are choosing to install the Super Spinner at home. Children absolutely love playing on the Super Spinner, and it offers those critical health benefits in a safe, compact package. Traditional tire swings can be dangerous, so today’s parents prefer the Super Spinner as a much safer alternative. The Super Spinner is one of the most exciting fun summer activities for kids, and it is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and enjoyment from the comfort of home.

Go Fly a Kite

Flying a kite is a classic childhood tradition that is fun for both parents and children. If you go to your local hobby shop or search online, you should be able to find a quality kite for under $20. You could also buy some materials to build kites at home (there are plenty of tutorial videos that you can use for guidance). Once you have your kite ready to go, just wait for a breezy day and take the kids to a park or field for a day of fun. Flying a kite is a great way to get the kids exercising, and it teaches them valuable problem solving skills.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is great because it encourages exercise, which often leads to an early bedtime! It’s also a very social game, as children can hide together and cooperate. There are many variations of this game, with one of the most popular being flashlight tag. Children really love playing flashlight tag because it gives them a sense of freedom. Playing outside as the sun goes down is a magical feeling that really captures the essence of summer.


While a trip to the woods may not always be feasible, camping in the backyard can be one of the most fun summer activities for kids. Set up a tent and some sleeping bags in the backyard, and provide some classic camping foods like hot dogs and s’mores. If you have the means to make a supervised campfire to roast them, that’s even better. Backyard camping encourages fellowship between siblings or friends, and it is a great way to give the kids some independence while still keeping them safe at home.

Go to a Local Outdoor Event

Check your newspaper’s listings for local fairs, concerts, plays, or other activities, and mark the dates on your calendar. Children love experiencing larger-than-life events, and a family-friendly festival is a great way to make some precious memories. Besides being one of the most fun summer activities for kids, an outdoor festival can be a wonderful way to introduce your child to some culture. Seeing and interacting with people from all different walks of life encourages a well-rounded worldview.

Take a Stroll

Sometimes the most fun summer activities for kids are the simplest ones. Find an interesting place, and go exploring! Taking a hike is a great way to get some exercise, and it gives your child the opportunity to learn about nature. You could also go for a walk through various neighborhoods, cities, or anywhere else that interests you. Exploring different places shows children just how big the world really is, and it does wonders for their sense of imagination and adventure.

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to make your nature walks a little bit more interesting, make a list of items for your child to find. You could include things like types of rocks, pine cones, leaves, acorns, flowers, mushrooms, bugs, and so on. Just make sure that you leave things undisturbed, and make sure your child stays away from potentially harmful items. Scavenger hunts are excellent fun summer activities for kids because they teach children basic science in a way that they really enjoy.

Spend a Day at the YMCA

Check your local YMCA for information on freebie days or guest passes. You may be surprised by how affordable a day packed with fun activities can be if you plan it right. Some fun summer activities for kids at the YMCA include wall climbing, swimming, crafts, gymnastics, and plenty more. The YMCA can be a great place for your child to make some new friends and interact with other kids. The YMCA also offers sports and other activities that promote physical health.

Take a Dip

There’s no better way to beat the heat than to take a trip to the local pool. If your child is not confident swimming, check with your Parks and Recreation department for information on swimming lessons. Swimming is one of the most beneficial fun summer activities for kids, as swimming is one of the most effective all-around exercises out there. Swimming promotes a healthy heart, prevents obesity, and builds endurance and muscle strength, among many other health benefits.

Turn On the Sprinkler

If you have a lawn, you probably have a sprinkler system. Besides being a convenient tool for watering the lawn, a sprinkler can provide hours of fun while keeping your kids nice and cool. Just running and jumping around the sprinkler is fun, but you can also encourage other activities. Play games like Tag, Duck Duck Goose, Ring Around the Rosie, Red Light Green Light, and other classics. They take on a whole new dimension in the sprinkler! You could also turn on your child’s favorite music and let them dance. The possibilities are endless!

Movie Night

While an indoor movie night may not scream summer, opening the windows and putting on a flick can be a great family bonding activity. The kids don’t have to wake up early for school, so let them stay up a little bit later than usual. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up under some blankets, and enjoy one of the cheapest fun summer activities for kids. As an added bonus, this is a great way for you to introduce your child to some of your favorite movies from when you were a kid, and it is a wonderful way for you to unwind after a busy day while keeping your child occupied.

Make Pet Rocks

Painting rocks encourages artistic development, and it is one of those fun summer activities for kids that can turn into a lifelong hobby. Go for a walk around the neighborhood, and let your child hunt for rocks. Smooth rocks are ideal, and you could even tumble them yourself with a rock tumbler. Once you have your rocks, set down some newspaper, some acrylic paints, and some cups of water, and let your child go to town! Painted rocks make great gifts, paperweights, or decorations – not to mention memories!

Go On a Picnic

Why eat lunch indoors when you could go on a picnic? Fill a basket with sandwiches, fruits, veggies, juice, and other snacks, and go find the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely lunch. Bring a Frisbee, ball, or other outdoor entertainment, and just enjoy yourself. If you have a cooler, you may want to bring some summer treats like popsicles or ice cream. A picnic day at the park is the perfect excuse to get out of the house, and it is sure to create lasting memories.

Have a Yard Sale

Looking to get rid of some of that clutter around the house? Have a yard sale! A yard sale is a great way to teach children the value of items, as well as money. Your children can make and hang signs, price items, and even haggle with the customers if they feel so inclined. Having a yard sale is a wonderful way to make some extra spending cash, and it also teaches children the importance of community. Spend the day meeting some neighbors, and getting rid of some junk, and then use your earnings to treat your kids for their hard work.

Open a Lemonade Stand

The timeless lemonade stand is the quintessential summer activity. Show your kids how to make delicious lemonade, and then help them to setup a table and make some signs. Just like a yard sale, a lemonade stand teaches your kids valuable money and business skills, while also letting them earn their own money. While you may want to bring them out to buy a treat at the end of the day, encourage the kids to save their money for a rainy day.

Have a Water Fight

Water guns and water balloons are what summers are all about. Follow your local weather, and choose a nice hot day for the big event. Allow your child to invite some friends over, and provide them with everything they need to have the water battle of the century. This is a fantastic way to beat the summer heat while still encouraging exercise. Make sure you are available to mediate if there are any hard feelings, and set some ground rules before they begin. When in doubt, some water guns in the great outdoors can turn any hot day into a day of fun summer activities for kids.

Sidewalk Chalk

One bucket of sidewalk chalk and some concrete are all the kids need for an entire day of imaginative fun. Drawing with sidewalk chalk encourages your child’s artistic side, while stimulating the imagination. Games like hopscotch are great for promoting exercise and social interactions. Playing with sidewalk chalk also attracts other local children who are sure to come join when they see what’s going on.

Wash the Car

It may be a chore, but the kids don’t have to know! Turn on some upbeat music, fill some buckets with some soapy water and rags, turn on the hose, and let them get to work. Everyone wins in this situation – the kids cool off, and you get a free car wash. Of course, this should be fun, so don’t push the kids too hard. Let them take breaks at their leisure, and treat them to frozen summer treats like Italian ice, snow cones, or ice cream pops. If you frame it right, washing the car can be one of the few fun summer activities for kids that is actually work.

Ice Cream Sundae

Summer and ice cream go hand in hand. While you may not want to make a habit out of it, the occasional ice cream day is always appreciated. Buy a variety of toppings, clear off a table, and let the kids go to town. If you have multiple children, or if your child has some friends over, you can let each of them choose a favorite ice cream flavor or topping. This may not be the healthiest summer activity, but all kids deserve a treat once in a while. Plan a sports day after to work off some of those extra calories!

Put On a Talent Show

A talent show is definitely one of the most fun summer activities for kids, and it is the perfect way to finish off a great summer. At the beginning of the summer, plan the event. Have your child send out invitations, so there will definitely be an audience. Have your child choose a favorite talent to show off, and encourage regular practice throughout the summer. Whether it’s singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or anything else under the sun, a talent show is an excellent motivator for developing new skills and hobbies.

Just Make it Unforgettable

Summer is all about outdoor fun, and the Super Spinner embodies that. Soaring through the air safely on the Super Spinner is an absolute thrill for children of all ages, and the physical and mental benefits are undeniable. The Super Spinner teaches valuable skills like planning, creativity, collaboration, small and large motor movement, and much more, plus it’s just a whole lot of fun! Turn an ordinary yard into a playground with the Super Spinner.