How to Keep Toddlers Safe on Tree Swings

Sep 22, 2015

Most people would agree that swings are a fun, relatively tame, and time-honored activity for children to enjoy. But how do you keep the fun safe for a little one who frequently topples over on steady ground? Entertaining toddlers while looking out for their well-being can be a challenging chord to strike, and as parents, we understand the priority of keeping our kids safe while introducing them to new adventures and fun experiences. Fortunately, it is possible to effectively provide for both safety and fun, even for toddler-aged kids. Here’s a brief guide to keeping your little ones safe (and happy) in the exciting new world of tree swings.

1. Do your research.

Not all tree swings are toddler tree swings, and exercising a bit of common sense can equip you with valuable information about a swing’s safety. While you probably won’t be able to take it for a spin yourself, you can learn a lot about a swing’s quality by carefully examining the component parts, either in person or, better yet, by reviewing its specifications online beforehand.

  • First, visually inspect the product or product images. Look for areas of potential weakness, deterioration, or potential hazard, especially along edges and surface areas. Ideal surfaces are smooth, durable, and chemical-free, and are unlikely to snap or break under pressure.
  • Second, ensure that points of connection are sturdy. For instance, make sure that the rope has a solid connection to the seat and provides for a solid connection to the tree or crossbeam to which it will attach. Ensure that connecting and supporting pieces are made from high-quality materials including stainless steel.
  • Third, look out for materials that could cause issues of secondary concern, such as wood seats that could cause splinters, sharp metal or plastic edges, or exposed rust. As a great example of effectively avoiding these concerns, the Super Spinner swing is designed from 100% BPA-free plastic with rounded edges, solid polypropylene rope, and all weatherproof and kid-friendly materials.

2. Make sure the design of the swing is appropriate for toddlers.

As any parent or grandparent is sure to discover, swings vary widely in style and configuration. Many models are only appropriate for older children, while others have very limited size and weight restrictions. Here are a few tips for ensuring the safety of a swing for your toddler:

  • It may sound obvious, but be sure to check the recommended age range for the swing before use. While this may not be possible at a public park, it is absolutely vital for any swing you may be hoping to purchase for your home.
  • The best toddler tree swings have some important design features that make them both safer and friendlier. These features include:
  1. a curved, concave seat, which is both more comfortable and helps prevent the rider from slipping;
  2. rope that is twisted for greater solidity, comfortably designed, non-abrasive, and easy for little hands to grip; and
  3. an absence of gaps or crevices where little fingers could get stuck.
  • The height at which a swing is mounted is an important consideration as well. For instance, a swing seat that is two feet off the ground poses much greater safety concerns than a seat that is only eight inches off the ground. Opt for the latter with a safe, fully adjustable swing that can be mounted at virtually any height, such as the Super Spinner.

3. There’s safety in numbers.

While keeping toddlers safe isn’t a perfect science, you can give yourself a major advantage by consulting the numbers. Here’s what to look for:

  • Appropriate age range: Make sure that the recommended age range is right for your child’s developmental stage, and look for broader age ranges (e.g. “Best recommended for ages 3-12”) to ensure greater safety.
  • Sufficient weight limit: Your little one may weigh less than 30 pounds, but wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that their swing can support substantially more weight? Opt for higher numbers (about 200 pounds of weight support is recommended) for greater peace of mind.
  • Minimum operating temperature: While you’re unlikely to be outside enjoying that swing set when the temperature is below freezing, bear in mind that your swing can suffer damage under extreme conditions that may make it unsafe once the weather returns to normal. Make sure that your swing is designed to withstand sub-freezing temperatures (recommended minimum operating temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit).

4. Get Involved.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent, grandparent, or care provider is getting to spend quality playtime with your little one. Fortunately, having you by their side is one of the best ways to ensure toddlers’ health, happiness, and safety. Deciding to be an active, attentive participant in your toddler’s play is a great way to experience the joy of watching your little one laugh, learn new things, and experience limitless fun.

5. Stay Educated

One of the most positive choices you can make is to stay informed and to seek the best, safest products for your child. At Super Spinner, we’re not only committed to providing high quality, safety-oriented, and tot-friendly toddler tree swings, we’re also here to help answer your questions and make sure you experience unshakable peace of mind. Give us a call at (330) 333-0555, or reach us anytime via email at, and our customer service team will be happy to assist you. We look forward to helping you discover the most fun, most versatile, and most safety-conscious swing for your toddler today!