Organic Made Easy: Tips for an All-Natural, Kid-Friendly Home

Aug 28, 2016

As parents, we constantly strive to keep our children as healthy and safe as possible. Whether we’re planning wholesome meals, bracketing heavy furniture to walls, or putting juice into BPA-free containers, a parent’s job is never done. If you’re looking for tips to help you create a more kid-friendly home, get the whole family involved and read on to find some exciting natural home products you use in your home every day.

Go Organic

The benefits of living an organic and all-natural lifestyle are limitless. Buying and making organic natural home products promotes less toxic surroundings for families and reduces environmental pollution. Choosing organic options is better for both personal and environmental health. Organic foods also tend to be more flavorful and filled with more nutrients, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and coenzymes, since they come from soil that is managed responsibly.

When you choose to buy and use all-natural home products, you are casting a vote for reforming the way we produce food and products for the benefit of future generations. Currently, more than 600 chemicals are used in agriculture production in the United States and food production for one person for one year requires over sixteen pounds of chemicals. Multiply these figures by over 324,000,000 to encompass all the people in the United States, and you’ll see the staggering amount of chemicals that are present into our food and homes.

Many of these chemicals haven’t been properly tested, since oftentimes they were approved by the Food and Drug Administration before they were tested for safety for human consumption. Even more alarming, the FDA tests only 1% of foods for dangerous chemical residue. Choosing organic, natural home products is also the only way to steer clear of dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and GMO’s.

Transitioning to organic items for a kid-friendly home also ensures that you avoid products laden with hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs intended to keep animals free from illness in large-scale farming operations. Organic consumption also helps to preserve ecosystems, reduce pollution, maintain agricultural diversity, and support small businesses and farms.

Personal Care

Many soaps, shampoos, body washes, and laundry detergents include sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical is an emulsifier that is added to cleansers to create more foam. It is considered a moderate hazard to health that has been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation, and endocrine disruption. Contrary to this, castile soap is a great, non-toxic alternative to traditional soaps and body washes and is the perfect addition to any kid-friendly home.

Castile soap is a mild, olive oil based non-toxic cleaner that can be used for bathing, washing hair, brushing teeth, and cleaning your home. Originally from Spain, these natural home products are not made with animal fat. Instead, they’re made with vegetable oils, vitamin E, and citric acid.

Castile soaps come in both liquid and solid forms for versatility. Additionally, many of these soaps are organic and produced using fair trade principles that ensure that the people who created the natural ingredients are compensated fairly. Castile soap is a non-toxic cleaner and does not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes which are harmful to our bodies and the environment. Many castile soaps are blended with essential oils, like lavender or rosemary, to increase their healing, therapeutic, and cleansing benefits.

Bug Spray and Air Fresheners

Most bug sprays and air fresheners you find in stores contain toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, dichlorobenzene, and aerosol propellants. You can avoid these by creating your own bug spray with natural home products. 

A super easy and fun way to make bug spray involves a clean spray bottle, water, essential oils, and witch hazel. Take the clean spray bottle and fill it halfway with distilled or boiled and cooled water. Then, fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel (a natural astringent available at any drugstore) and 30-50 drops of your favorite essential oil or fresh herbs.A strong combination includes at least one dried herb like peppermint, spearmint, citronella or catnip, as mint plants fend off mosquitoes, ants, and flies. Basil, lavender, lemongrass, and chrysanthemum are also good choices, depending on the type of bug you wish to target. Chrysanthemum flowers naturally contain pyrethrum, which is effective at repelling roaches, ants, Japanese beetles, ticks, silverfish, lice, fleas, bedbugs, and harlequin bugs.

Experiment with some of your other favorite dried herbs and oils to create a scent you like. For example, you can combine vanilla extract with witch hazel for an effective organic and great smelling bug repellant. Any of these can also be diffused around your home and on fabrics as a linen spray to create a wonderful aromatic scent. Use lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood, or marjoram on sheets and bed linens to promote a peaceful and relaxed mood.

Home Cleaning

Your home is a sanctuary for yourself and your family, and it is always best to choose natural home products instead of cleaning with harmful chemicals. Choose non-toxic cleaners like those with lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar.

Many common chemicals in home cleaning solvents, such as triclosan, have been shown to cause asthma and other chemicals that harm the lungs. Others also include well-known carcinogens like formaldehyde and chloroform. Air fresheners, in particular, even have warnings that say they could be harmful or fatal if inhaled. You’ll also want to avoid any household cleaning agents that contain nonylphenol, which breaks down into a chemical that disrupts the hormonal system. This ingredient is toxic to aquatic life, and it bioaccumulates and remains in water and soil for a long time once it goes down the drain.

Not only are organic alternatives and natural home products much safer, but they can be just as effective! Vinegar, for example, is useful for dissolving grease and makes for a great surface cleaner in kitchens and bathrooms. Vinegar also kills 90% of mold and over 99.9% of other bacteria. Use a 50/50 vinegar/water solution to clean tile, counters and soap scum. For really tough stains, you can combine baking soda and vinegar or mix olive oil and lemon juice to polish wood. Lemon juice and baking soda in combination make for some serious grease-cutting action.Essential oil combinations are useful due to their effective, bacteria killing properties. Oils best because of their antibacterial and astringent qualities include lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, citrus (any kind), cinnamon, and clove. You can find them individually to create your own personalized blend or you can find them premixed so you don't have to buy each oil individually.

When it’s time to clean the toilet bowl, you can also use essential oils to boost the power of your natural home products. Store a cup of baking soda combined with your choice of essential oil in a jar and when you’re ready to use it, sprinkle one tablespoon of the baking soda mixture in the toilet bowl and add eight tablespoons of 20% white vinegar. You can use regular white vinegar found in the supermarket, but it’s usually only 5%, so instead of 8 tablespoons, you would need to use 33 tablespoons to reach the same cleaning power. Now just give the bowl a good scrub and your bathroom will be super clean and smell great too!

Using essential oils for laundry is also advisable, especially when you plan on making your own soap. Combine four cups of borax, four cups of washing soda or soda ash, two cups of baking soda, and four cups of grated bar castile soap. Mix all ingredients together in a large bucket and stir in 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Tea tree is popular for its antiseptic qualities, while lavender is popular for its strong scent.

In The Garden

A clean home doesn’t end when everything inside is natural, safe, and organic, you also need to protect your children when they’re playing in the yard. Chemical pesticides, which can be found on your lawn, have been shown to cause cancer, as such, it’s a good idea for families who spend time outdoors to make and use natural home products that are free from harmful chemical agents found in other gardening supplies and insect repellent. Super Spinner knows how to create bug repellents for humans and plants, as well as safe, organic weed killer.

When trying to create another bug repellant, use Neem, an oil pressed from the evergreen plant called Azadirachta indica, which has been used since antiquity throughout India and South Asia for its powerful ability to ward off insects. It’s well known that juice made from neem leaves is one of the most powerful natural pesticides in the world. To treat plants with natural home products, you’ll need salt spray, which is useful for plants infested with spider mites. For aphids, the spray you made earlier with castile soap, witch hazel, and water is the best solution, while citrus oil or Cayenne pepper deters ants.

The Super Spinner is made with BPA-free plastics, making it perfect for a kid-friendly home. 
When trying to rid your yard of weeds, simply use 20 percent vinegar instead of hormonally disruptive chemicals. Now your yard is free of bugs and pesticides and is safe for playing young children.

Safe and Sound

Creating a non-toxic, kid-friendly home is possible with just these simple recipes. You can replace store bought and toxic cleaners with natural home products, making vinegar and baking soda your cleaning supply staples. Harness the power of essential oils for cleaning, degreasing, killing bacteria and ridding your home of pests. Use these ingredients and the recipes above for solutions so safe, your kids can even help you make them!

As you work with your family to make these natural home products, teach your family about the importance and benefits of an organic lifestyle. They’ll learn about the benefits to their health and to the health of the planet. Hopefully, together we can instill new habits into future generations and influence everyone around you to lead a healthier lifestyle.We at Super Spinner are committed to using non-toxic alternatives and avoiding harmful chemicals. We work hard to promote healthy and happy families and make a reliable, trustworthy children’s toy that enriches your family’s lifestyle in every way. Read our blog for more healthy parenting tips!