Why Swings are Essential for All Children

Jul 25, 2015

As a parent, you seek every opportunity to help your child grow in a variety of ways. Their happiness and health are just two of the characteristics that you attempt to embrace and foster every moment of the day. Offering your children the opportunity to play outdoors is one of the keys of childhood growth and development. Thankfully, this is one healthy activity that children innately enjoy, so there is little persuasion that needs to take place in order to get your children outdoors.

Swinging is a timeless activity that is more than just an enjoyable pastime for children. Outdoor children’s swings are exceptionally developmentally beneficial for children of all ages for a host of reasons.

Physical Exercise

With the increase in technology and so many television shows, today’s child does not get nearly the amount of exercise that is recommended. Most children live a sedentary lifestyle, which may carry over to adulthood. Outdoor swings encourage a healthy lifestyle in children by stimulating muscle development, flexibility, and coordination. Swinging is a core strengthening exercise for children that will help develop good physical exercise habits from a young age.

Whether playing on swings like the Super Spinner individually or with peers, children are getting a portion of physical activity time recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The push and pull motion that is required to individually operate a swing is a total body exercise that keeps muscles, tendons, and ligaments in superb shape. Your child’s fine and gross motor skills are also honed from the regular use of outdoor children’s swings. When children play on the swings together, they are using their full body to push their friends through the air.

When children engage in swinging on the playground, they are also likely to run around and utilize other playground equipment that work large muscle groups in the body. Experts estimate that swinging for an hour burns approximately 200 calories. Establishing playtime outdoors on the swings can instill a lifelong value of exercise in your child.

Outdoors = Less Screentime

Tablets, computers, matter where you look, it isn’t difficult to find some sort of technology available for use. Today’s changing world requires the use of high-tech gadgets. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it sometimes makes regular childhood activities such as playing outdoors take a backseat.

As a society, we spend too much time in front of a screen. Studies have found that children who spend more than the recommended time in front of a screen are more likely to be obese, eat less healthy food, have a slower metabolism, and have trouble establishing good sleeping habits. When children have unlimited access to technology they are likely to have little interest in other activities and have blurred lines between reality and fantasy.

Playing on equipment such as outdoor children’s swings is a healthier alternative to passing time than using electronics. Having your child participate in an activity such as swinging will show them just how fun the outdoors can be.

Increased Socialization

While swinging can be an activity that is done on one’s own, it can also present a great social opportunity for children. Children often push each other on swings and have in depth conversations when doing so. Swinging with others also involves turn-taking in order to allow everyone to use the swings and to receive pushes from friends.

The playground is also a great place for new friendships to develop. It is here that groups of children gather and new friends are met.

Swings such as the Super Spinner present a different type of social opportunity for children. This particular swing accommodates more than one child if they want to share a ride while flying through the sky. Be prepared for contagious laughter and delighted screams!

Sensory Integration

When a child takes in their surroundings they are beginning to learn about the world and how it affects them. Outdoor children’s swings give children a sensory experience like no other. On what other toy are you able to recreate the sensation of flying? With its crazy twists and turns, the Super Spinner offers your child an even greater sensory experience.

The vestibular system is the control center for our balance and coordination when moving. The inner ear contains the parts of our body necessary to develop our stability as well as awareness of speed and motion. Swinging is a terrific way to activate our vestibular system. The motor activity of swinging improves regulation of the senses. Adding the element of spinning, such as the Super Spinner does, provides added experience for the nervous system increasing awareness and alertness in the young child.

Outdoor children’s swings also stimulate other sensory systems in the body. Sometimes called our sixth sense, proprioception is our own perception of our bodies. Typically, we do not even notice this sense because it seems so automatic to us. Children, however, need to develop this sense in the early years in order to begin understanding their spatial position. Swinging is a top activity used to naturally develop this sense.

Children with special needs such as autism tend to have different sensory needs. Proprioception can be very challenging for children with autism. Incorporating swinging on products such as the Super Spinner into your child’s daily routine is an easy activity that doesn’t take a great deal of time. Outdoor children’s swings are a favorite product of occupational therapists and sensory integration experts.

Quality Bonding Time

Nothing beats spending time together in the great outdoors with your children. While you both may look at it as just a fun filled time, doing activities together such as swinging is so much more.

The fun begins the moment you purchase a swing such as the Super Spinner. Having your children assist you and cheer you on while assembling your new family toy is where the excitement begins. The Super Spinner is also fun for children to help hang in your favorite tree, thanks to the quick and easy set up.

Playing, whether it be on outdoor children’s swings or in a sandbox, is crucial to the total development of your child. This includes not only sensory and cognitive development, but emotional development as well. Children typically see playing outdoors as a positive experience. What better time is there to be around your child than when they are experiencing joy and freedom?

When you are pushing your child on a swing, not only will you be a part of their happiness, but you will be presented with an opportune time to have informal conversations and find out important things about your child’s life. When children are in a relaxed atmosphere such as playtime, they are more likely to find conversing with their parents and filling them in on important things going on in their lives due to the nonthreatening environment.

Best of all, outdoor children’s swings and other outdoor play activities create memories that will last a lifetime. The small things in life such as making time to play with your children are what matter most. These activities do not have to last longer than ten minutes to make a difference in your child’s life.

Serenity for Your Child

While we may look back on childhood and think about how easy it was without the responsibility of paying bills, working, and managing a household, the truth is that being a child can sometimes be tough work.

Children go through a variety of different emotions on a daily basis and do not quite know how to process and cope with the way they are feeling. This can lead to children building up stress and needlessly worrying about things over which they have no control.

Outdoor children’s swings are a perfect remedy to help children gain tranquility after what could have possibly been a stressful day. The repeated back and forth motion has a calming effect that can take a bad day and turn it all around. While the Super Spinner does not support adults, swinging is also a recommended activity to reduce the stress level in adults.

No matter how you look at it, swinging is a great activity that benefits all participants.

Get Swinging Today

On top of being fun, swinging is an activity that is extremely beneficial to children. Social skills, a love of exercise, parent-child bonding time, sensory integration, and stress relief are just a few of the advantages that your children will immediately experience from swings like the Super Spinner.

While all swinging activities are great for your child, the Super Spinner offers a different element than other outdoor children’s swings with the added capability of twisting and turning in addition to the back and forth motion. Our innovatively designed concave seat also provides an added component of safety and security not found with other swings. Our swing comes in four different colors and is able to easily be installed on a tree or on your existing swing set.

With the understanding of how much your child will benefit from swinging, what are you waiting for? Get outside and get your kids flying high today!