Super Duper Spinner

Innovative alternative to children’s swing sets and tire swings!

The Super Duper Spinner will be the talk of your neighborhood! With the ability to hold multiple riders, your children and their friends will spend hours playing. We’ve designed the Super Duper Spinner for fun and safety.

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Tree Kit

Now you can swing right along with your children!

The Super Duper Spinner swing is a great addition to any children’s swing set, providing kids with the ability to swing and spin from your chosen hanging device. The Super Duper Spinner swing is one of the only outdoor toys that allows children to swing and spin safely with their friends.

The Super Duper Spinner’s round swing seat, adjustable ropes and weather-resistant clips ensure your children’s safety when riding on the Super Duper Spinner swing. Parents of your children’s friends will thank you for providing a fun and social environment for them to play safely.

Our unique spinning swing is perfect for children big and small to enjoy. Built with durable materials made to withstand the elements and accommodate riders of all sizes, the Super Duper Spinner swing supports up to 650 lbs.

  • 1 minute install time
  • Built to last
  • Adjustable ropes for quick height adjustment

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